The Elite Cup


Tournament Fees

  • The standard fee per team is €465.
  • This fee covers 14 players and 1 coach.
  • The fee is including lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The costs for each extra player are €35.
  • The costs for each extra coach or trainer are €20.
  • There is a maximum of 17 players per team.

Accommodation arrangements in Kilkenny College are separate to the Tournament fee.

Payment Conditions

The payment for the tournament (remaining tournament fees, extra players/coaches, accommodation and/or transport) will be billed at the latest 6 weeks before the tournament.

These too must be paid within two weeks of receipt of the invoice. No refunds will be made for changes in the number of players/coaches within 6 weeks prior to the tournament.

Teams that cancel within 8 weeks prior to the tournament must pay the total costs, and remaining tournament fees including any reservations made for extra players/coaches, accommodation and/or transport. Clubs/Schools will be invoiced, payments can be made via bank transfer, the invoice will have a payment link allowing card payments. Payment via bank cheque is not possible.

Alcohol Consumption

Throughout the tournament, the consumption of alcohol or any form of drugs on the premises is strictly prohibited.

Failure to comply with this rule can result in expulsion from this tournament and exclusion from future tournaments.

We respectfully request that coaches do not allow players to visit alcohol-serving establishments outside the school grounds on their own.

First Aid & Physio

TBC During the tournament first aid workers and physiotherapists are present.

Damage Compensation

In case of damages caused by participants to properties of Kilkenny College, immediate compensation, indemnity and/or reparation is imperative. We strongly advise all players and coaches to be insured for both damage and medical costs.

Entry Data Handling

The Elite Cup Organisation falls under the responsibility of Hockey Express and Kilkenny College. We are exclusively concerned with the organisation of the tournament. To do this properly, we need your personal data. You can be confident that we handle your data safely and carefully.

Contact Details

Elite Cup Hockey Tournament
Kilkenny College
Castlecomer Road
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